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The current economy is confusing for everyone, regardless of age. Especially for those who have held on to real estate for many decades, a house often is the largest asset people have.

How to best tap into and deploy those resources is a challenge in strong and less energetic economic times.

Clarifying the Financial Picture

Need assistance with sorting out the complex decisions and figuring out what role your real estate investment plays in your overall financial picture? Those considerations include taxes, retirement savings withdrawal schedules, long-term care needs, inheritance issues and others.

SRES® Designees Have Financial Expertise For Those Over 50

SRES® designees understand managing capital gains and the tax implications of owning real estate. They can provide information that addresses a host of issues, such as the uses of pensions, 401K accounts, and IRAs in real estate transactions, and how Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security affect real estate decisions for senior citizens.

Are you or a loved one ready to talk real estate? Get the specialized attention you deserve.  Call our Seniors Real Estate Specialist, Kathleen Turner today at (203) 767-0363 or click here to email Kathleen


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